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What is a podiatric biomechanical assessment?

When people present with musculoskeletal pain, a thorough assessment of lower extremity biomechanics and gait helps us to advise on the most effective treatment.

Important aspects of the assessment include a history of injury and activity, reviewing of footwear, assessment of joint mobility, assessment of muscle strength, foot specific assessment  includes foot functionality such as excessive or limited movement and structural problems.

Biomechanical assessment are commonly performed prior to the prescription of foot orthotics to ensure the prescription is individualised to the client.

I also advise on stretches and physical activities that can improve function. Foot, ankle and leg conditions I can help with include:-
  • Plantar heel pain = Plantar fasciitis.
  • Feet, ankle and leg aching.
  • Chronic ankle sprains and instability.
  • ​Painful foot callous and corns, a sign of abnormal foot function.
  • Shin pain.
  • Calf muscle pain and cramping.
  • Knee pain associated with excessive foot motion.
  • Do you struggle finding comfortable shoes?
  • Many other foot conditions.....

Jodi Tanner has studied Human Movement Studies and Podiatry.
She understands foot and leg biomechanics and can help you achieve your goals.