Custom foot orthotics.

  1. A custom foot orthotic is made to the exact shape of your foot.
  2. We take a cast of your foot and make a orthotic from this.
  3. Custom foot encouraged normal foot motion.
  4. Custom foot orthotics offer support and stability.
  5. Orthotics can be made from many materials including EVA, polypropylene, cork and carbon fibre.
  6. Materials such as polypropylene are resilient and last a long time without distortion. Providing a device that will last many years.
  7. Custom foot orthotics are made to your individual needs.

What is a Foot Orthotic and how is it made?

A foot orthotic is a medically prescribed shoe insert. They support the feet and improve foot, ankle and leg function.

Podiatrist are university trained in the design and manufacture of foot orthotics. 

A  custom foot orthotic is manufactured from taking a 3-dimensional cast of the foot using plaster of Paris. 

The design of your orthotic takes into account how your feet and legs function, your body weight,  the physical activities you participate in and the footwear you like to wear. 

What are the benefits of Foot Orthotics?

  •  Foot orthotics improve balance and reduce the incidence of falls in elderly people.

  • Custom foot orthotics  reduce pain and disability in high arch feet by reducing plantar pressures.

  • Research suggests foot orthotics can reduce patellofemoral pain (knee pain).

  •  A foot orthotic will not correct HAV ( Hallux valgus or bunion deformity) however research suggests it will decrease symptoms.

  • There is evidence that foot orthotics reduce plantarfascial strain and relieve plantar fasciitis (plantar heel pain).

  •  Foot orthotics reduce pressure to weight bearing areas such as ulcers and painful corns on the ball of the feet .


 Richie Brace.

The Richie brace is used to treat drop foot and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. It is a comfortable and functional alternative to a standard AFO.


Exercise advice is a crucial part of our treatment. Including stretching and strengthening to improve your body's movement.​

Foot and leg pain solutions.

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Foot orthotics are not always needed to fix a foot problem.

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