What is a Custom foot orthotic and how is it made?

  • A foot orthotic is a medically prescribed shoe insert. They support the foot and leg and offer comfort, stability and support for movement.
  • Custom foot orthotics encourage normal foot movement.
  • Podiatrists are University trained to prescribe and manufacture a foot orthotic.
  • A custom made foot orthotic is made from a  cast or scan of your foot. Functional foot orthotics are normally taken non-weight bearing. 
  • We create a 3D model model of your foot.
  • Orthotics can be made from many materials including EVA, polypropylene, cork and carbon fibre. These materials can be heat-moulded to the cast of your foot or drilled by a computer to create the right shape.
  • The design of your orthotic takes into account how your feet and legs function, your body weight,  the physical activities you participate in and the footwear you like to wear. 
  • Materials such as polypropylene are resilient and last a long time without distortion, producing a device that will last many years.
  • Custom foot orthotics are made to your individual needs.


    What are the benefits of Foot Orthotics based on research?

  •  Improve balance and reduce the incidence of falls in elderly people.

  • Custom foot orthotics  reduce pain and disability in high arch feet by reducing plantar pressures.

  • Foot orthotics can reduce patellofemoral pain (knee pain).

  •  Foot orthotics will not correct HAV ( Hallux valgus or bunion deformity) however research suggests it will decrease pain.

  • There is evidence that foot orthotics reduce plantar fascial strain and relieve plantar fasciitis (plantar heel pain).

  •  Foot orthotics reduce pressure to weight bearing areas such as ulcers and painful corns on the ball of the feet .