Feet are amazing! They support our body weight during all the activities we do.  Often without complaint.

Our feet are important they are essential to keeping us upright. They must provide stability and also allow us to absorb shock at foot strike.

A  Biomechanical assessment allows us to assess for abnormalities that may result in foot and leg pain.


This may involve the following:

1. Looking at your structural alignment ( bony structure).

2. Assess joint range of motion. Movement at the hip's,  knee's, ankles and feet are looked at.

3. Assess muscle flexibility and strength.

4. Assess gait (the way you walk and/or run).

5. Review footwear.  Are they worn out or are they appropriate for your foot type and activities.

Other aspect of understanding pain is getting a thorough history of injury, your  activities including work and sport. Taking a medical history, medications and looking at any diagnostic imaging.

So please bring as much information. It allows us to create an informed treatment plan.

Treatment may  involve simple exercises to improve joint range of motion or strengthening weak muscles.

Physical therapy may be required- ice, rest, strapping and  other modalities.

Foot wear changes and foot orthotics may be required.

Everyone is very different so advice is provided specific to the individual.

You are probably realising how different out bodies are and therefore fast resolution of foot pain occurs if we provide specific and individualised advice. Taking a medication or a steroid injection does not address biomechanical causes. If you want long term solutions treat the cause!

Adult Foot Pain and Biomechanical Assessment  

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