Causes of Corns and Callus.


1.  Callus is our bodies way of protecting itself from harm. So going barefooted too much, can be a major factor in the development of foot callus. The hard skin is less flexible than normal skin and cracks and becomes painful.

2. The use of footwear that is worn out, or lacks support under the midfoot, or lack heel counters can also be a problem.

3. Certain foot types can be associated with recurring corns and callus. Foot types that have limited rearfoot motion are predisposed to heel callus.

4. High arched and equinus foot types are predisposed to ball of foot corns and callus.

5. Smoking is linked to chronic corns.

6. Medical conditions such as psoriasis and thyroid conditions can worsen foot callus.

7. Excessively dry skin is predisposed to corns and callus.

8. Jobs where you have to standing or walk a lot are related to painful corns and callus.

How would a podiatrist treat my callus and corns?

  • We debride corns and callus using a scalpel blade. Don't worry this does not hurt. Soaking feet prior to debridement will soften the callus and make it easier to remove.

  • Foot wear with shock absorbing soles, midfoot support and firm heel counter will help reducing foot callus.

  • Advise on the use of moisturiser or  heel balm can help.

  • Advise on avoiding going barefooted or wearing thongs.

  • Certain foot types are predisposed to heel callus and corns. Treatment of this can alleviate the problem.

  • High arched feet commonly have ball of foot callus and corns.

  • Flat feet commonly have diffuse callous all over the foot.

        Callus and Corns.