Welcome to Positive Podiatry.  We have been providing quality individualised podiatry care on the Gold Coast since 2003.  We endeavour to provide  caring and professional podiatry care to the Gold Coast Community.


Concerned about your child's feet or the way they walk?

Are they slow to reach developmental milestones?

Do they have pains in there feet and legs longer than 2 days?

Do they avoid participating in physical activity?

Make an appointment to see experienced podiatrist with postgraduate paediatric training Jodi Tanner.

YES we treat ALL Foot and Ankle pain and injuries.

Including heel pain and  Achilles tendon pain.

We provide thorough biomechanical assessments.

We treat running injuries.

We treat chronic ankle and foot pain.

We treat knee pain related to foot function.

Spoil your feet and feel good!               

We provide general care and treatment for a wide range of common foot ailments including corns, callous and problem nails.

As well as provide information and treatments to help resolve problems more permanently. 

You service your car! Why not your feet?

We provide treatment for painful ingrown toenails with individualised nail management and advice. Nail surgery is available.

Professional diabetic foot assessments including checking protective sensations and  arterial flow. We also check for signs of high pressure areas  and review footwear.

We always encourage being active particularly regular walking to promote blood flow to the feet.

Exercise and Activity advice for everyone.

Jodi Tanner has a background in exercise management and  offers advice to all her clients on how they can improve  balance, increase strength,  flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Promoting blood flow to the feet and body by walking regularly is particularly important for good health. 

Exercise prescription for health and well being.

Any exercise is better than nothing.

30 minutes per day , 5 days per week is recommended.

More is great.

Custom made  Foot orthotics.      

Yes we custom make Foot Orthotics.

We take Plaster of Paris casts. The Gold standard of getting an accurate replication of your foot.

We make devices to your individual needs.

The benefits of a custom made foot orthotic  is the comfort of a device made to your exact foot shape. These devices can also last longer than most orthotics because the shell material does not change shape with wear.

Positive Podiatry on the Gold Coast.

Offering experienced Podiatrists and professional foot care.

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Servicing the Gold Coast including Mermaid Waters, Mermaid Beach, Robina, Broadbeach Waters, Broadbeach, Merrimac, Clear Island Waters and Miami.