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Why Positive Podiatry?

Podiatrist Jodi Tanner has completed post graduate Paediatric Podiatry studies at The University of South Australia. Jodi also completed a Human Movements Degree and has experience in activity programs with special needs groups. Jodi continues to attend paediatric related education and reads widely about child development.

We endeavour to provide effective, low cost solutions.

Paediatric foot assessments can take 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of the problems.

When should a child be assessed by a Podiatrist?

1. Pain in the feet, ankles and legs of a child is never "normal".

2. Children who avoid physical activity should be assessed. Foot and leg instability can be a major cause of discomfort.  From my experience each child should be able to find a physical activity they enjoy. It is important for long term health and wellness. 

3. If your child falls frequently. Particularly tripping over feet and other balance issues.

4. Parental concerns "something is not quite right". Such as unusual shaped feet,  unusual leg alignment, feet that roll in too much, toe walking or in-toed gait or out-toed gait.

5. Delay's at reaching developmental milestones. An example of this would be not walking at 20 months.

Foot Orthotics and Ankle Foot Orthotics.

A foot orthotic  is a medically prescribed shoe insert. They support the feet and improve foot, ankle and leg function.

A  custom foot orthotic is manufactured from taking a 3-dimensional cast of the foot using plaster of Paris. 

A customised  foot orthotic are great low cost options. They are modified to suit your child's need and are awesome for children who are growing fast.

We stock and dispense a large range of foot orthotics.

Child Foot and Leg Complaints.

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