Diabetes and your feet.

Diabetes can damage your feet.

It is important to control blood glucose levels and exercise regularly to help slow the disease progressing.

Foot  complications  include:-


1.  Peripheral neuropathy which cause the feet to become numb. If the feet become numb and you can not feel them properly, you may harm them and not be aware.

2. Peripheral arterial disease which blocks blood getting to your feet.


Signs and symptoms of foot problems associated with diabetes include:-


1. Numbness.

2. Pins and needles sensations.

3. Burning sensations.

4. Slow nail growth.

5. Cramping in the legs and feet.

6. Foot ulcers.

7. Tinea pedis and fungal infections of the toenails.

8. Very sensitive feet.

Positive Podiatry foot assessment involve:-

  • Check the feet for normal feeling. 

  • Checking arterial flow using doppler and taking the blood  pressure of your big toe.

  • Reviewing footwear.

  • Checking the skin and nails for problems. Including signs of pressure such as  corns, callous and foot ulcers.

The good news is diabetic foot complications can be prevented. The key is controlling blood glucose levels by making changes to your diet, exercising more and taking medications including hypoglycaemic medications and insulin.

Seeing your G.P. for advice is the best place to start in the management of diabetes.

Podiatrist play a role in the prevention of foot complications by checking feet regularly and giving advice about protecting your feet from harm.

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