Adult Foot conditions.

Jodi Tanner Podiatrist has 23 years

experience in treating a myriad of foot

problems in children to very elderly.

She is constantly learning about the 

amazing foot.


She has completed a Podiatry

and Human Movements Degree's and

has post- graduate training in Sport,

Podiatric  Biomechanics and Child Podiatry.

We treat:

1.   Thickened and Fungal nails.

2.  Painful corns and callous.

3.  Plantar fasciitis ( Plantar Heel pain).

4.  Cramping calf muscles.

5.  Foot instability.

6.  Burning feet.

7.  Diabetic foot problems.

8. Foot ulcers.

9.  Tingling toes.

10. Foot and leg pain.

11. Shin pain.

12. Falls prevention.

13. Flat feet.

14. High arched foot pain.

15. Moreton's neuroma.

16. Achilles tendon injury.

17. Ankle pain.

18. Sesamoiditis.

19. Peroneal strain.

20. Posterior tibial tendonitis.

And many other foot conditions. 

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