Foot Pain solutions!

Respond to foot pain early before it becomes a chronic problem!

A podiatrist provides professional treatment of foot pain.


Thorough foot assessment is important to the successful treatment of foot pain.


Podiatrist Jodi Tanner has been treating foot pain for 22 years and offers individualised treatment to all patients.

Jodi focuses on improving foot function and mobility for all patients. 

Causes of Foot pain.

  • Worn out footwear and footwear that lacks appropriate support would be the number one cause of foot pain that presents at Positive Podiatry.

  • Blood flow problems can cause intense foot and toe pain, burning sensations of the feet, cramping of the feet and legs and swelling of the feet and legs.

  • Nerve problems can cause foot ulcers, increased foot sensitivity especially to the toes, feelings of numbness and radiating pains down the leg, knee and  foot.

  • Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis can cause aching and pains into all joints of the foot. They also result in joint destruction and reduced foot mobility.

  • Diabetes can result in nerve, blood flow and significant foot disease.

  • Overuse injuries can cause many tendon injuries and muscle strains.

  • Traumatic injury can result in soft tissue trauma and bone injuries.

  • Abnormal foot motion such as excessive foot pronation can result in strain of the tissues trying to support the foot. Limited foot motion can cause high impact forces to cause stress injuries.

  • And many other causes........



1. Footwear advice specific to your needs.

2. Nail care, corn and callus removal.

3.Exercise to help improve foot strength.

4. Exercises to stretch tight muscles.

5. Silicon wedges and props.

6. Customised foot orthotics.

7. Custom made foot orthotics.

8. Padding and strapping.

9. Richie Brace.

10. Ingrown toenail surgery.

11. Foot mobility exercises.

12. Referral to other health professional.

13. Exercise is encouraged for all patients. 

If you want to fast track resolution of foot pain. Speak to a foot pain specialist!