Shin Pain

Common causes of shin pain in athletes include stress fracture, popliteal artery entrapment, muscle injury, compartment syndrome and medial tibial stress syndrome.

Medial Tibial stress syndrome  ( medial tibial periostitis) occurs commonly in women and their appears to be  a link between lower bone mineral density associated with low body weight and  hormonal changes in women.

The main mechanism of injury is periosteal overload located to where soleus inserts at the posterior medial border of the tibia. The pain typically decrease with exercise and is worse after rest and exercise.

Associated factors include:

  • Excessive foot pronation.

  • Rigid or Cavus foot types.

  • Over training.

  • Faulty footwear.

  • Surface type.

  • Tight and dysfunctional muscles including soleus tightness.

  • Fatigue associated with overtraining.

  • Reduced flexibility related to overload.

Treatment will involve:

  • Rest, ice, anti-inflammatory treatment.

  • Activity changes including swimming and cycling.

  • Treating the biomechanics with footwear changes.

  • Stretching and stretching the associated muscles.

  • Addressing nutritional deficits.

  • Address over training.

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