Foot Orthotics and Richie Brace

A custom foot orthotic is a medically supplied device that is fitted inside your footwear for a medical purpose. Podiatrist are university trained in the manufacture and prescription of foot orthotics. 

Positive Podiatry can manufacture a wide range of custom foot orthotics.

Our devices are made using a plaster of paris cast of your feet. This captures the 3D shape of your feet. The cast is typically taken non-weight bearing to fully capture the shape of your feet.

The design of your orthotic takes into account your body weight, physical activities, footwear and your individual foot and leg  problems. Interacting health problem also need to be understood.


Positive Podiatry performs biomechanical and gait assessment prior to orthotic prescription.

Exercise advice is a crucial part of our treatment. Including stretching and strengthening to help improve your bodies movement.​

Our custom polypropylene orthotic range has a 2 year warranty and will not change shape like soft foam devices. Cork and EVA devices are made diabetics and other high risk feet.  Review of our foot orthotics are included in the price.

The benefits of foot orthotics include improved balance, support structural problems and reduce excessive movements in the feet.

Foot orthotics have found to help people with knee pain, plantar fasciitis, reduce pressure to weight bearing areas such as painful corns on the ball of the feet and reduce tendon strain.

We now supply Richie Braces which help people who have drop foot or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. An ankle cast is taken for manufacture.

 If you would like to learn more about foot orthotics and whether they will benefit you make an appointment with Jodi  Tanner to discuss the problem. We also supply off the shelf foot orthotics that offer low cost options. Custom made foot orthotics are not always needed to fix a foot problem. Appropriate footwear advice may be all that is required.

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