Knee  Pain and foot function.


 The most recent consensus report for the treatment of patellofemoral  pain includes the use of strengthening the muscles supporting and controlling the knee and the use of foot orthotics to  help treat any associated foot functional abnormalities.

Podiatrist assessment of knee pain can be very effective in the treatment of knee pain.

Our biomechanical assessment involves :-

1. Determining  the actual cause of the knee pain.

2.  Assess for reduced joint movement  and muscle tension in feet, ankle, knee and hip.

3. Assess gait biomechanics - walking and running .

4. Reviewing current foot wear.

Treatment depends on the assessment findings and are individualised to your needs.

1. Strengthening muscles around the knee.

2. Stretching tight muscles.

3. Helping improve foot motion.

4. Advise on inappropriate or unsupportive footwear.

5. Advise on appropriate foot gear. We have an extensive range of low cost foot off the shelf orthotics and can custom make foot orthotics depending on your biomechanical requirements.

6. Advise or appropriate activities to help with recovery.  Including massage, physiotherapy, pilates and exercise programs.

Positive Podiatry Biomechanical Assessments and gait analysis- take 1 hour

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