Ingrown Toenails. 

Positive Podiatry treats ingrown toe nails, fungal toe nails and  thickened nails.  We are also happy to provide general nail care.

We can perform nail surgery to permanently remove or resect a troublesome nail. This is performed under local anaesthetic.


Ingrown toenails can commonly be treated with professional regular general nail care.  

I would strongly encouraged anyone who has a painful ingrown toenail to :

1. Soaking the ingrown nail in warm salty water, to draw out any infection. Avoid pools, spa pools, beach  or other natural waters sources, as this will increase your risk of infection.

2. Dry the area with a clean and dry towel.

3. Apply 10% iodine solution to the area. It is a antibacterial and will help kill germs that might be in the wound area.

4. It is important to continue to cover the wound area with a with dry sterile wound dressing such as band aid. This should reduce exposure to germs.

5. Seek help immediately as this is the best way to promote a fast recovery.

6. Commonly the nail edge needs to be cleared to allow the skin to heal. Do not do this your self!

7. See a podiatrist!  This is what we do all day every day. We have the experience and the equipment to do it well and safely. 

Make an appointment today for advice on how to best manage your ingrown toenail.

Positive Podiatry